Dennis Moreno,

alias from Dennis Bogers (Almere, 25 januari 1984)

At a Young age he listened to variety of music genres.
From R&B, rap and all time classic hits.
Fascinated by this, at age 16 he started to make his own rap beats.
And start to rap and sing.
After a few years doing this he wanted to try something else.

In his early twenties he started producing his own house beats
(better known as Dirty house)
He wanted to share his music with others and had some gigs in clubs.
To name a few; Club Cell, President, Wow under, Eindelijk, Club ocean, Showtime & Club I’m.

At age 24 he was asked for a gig in Gran Canaria, to spin in Scandic.

Also he organizes parties with friends under the name of Partybeats.

Still busy producing en spinning in clubs he is busy to make his reputation bigger.
To be all known as the big ones!

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